Storm Damage Photo Gallery

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We Can Help Turn Storms Into Rainbows!

With storms and heavy rain comes property damage and cleanup. The crews at SERVPRO of Guelph can come respond to your disaster from wind damage, flooding or fire damage. We can help you see the rainbow after the storm.

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Did you know? Storm Damage

If stormwater has entered your structure through the flooding of a creek, stream or river, or if it has filtered through insulation during its intrusion, it is considered black water and could be hazardous to your health.

Water on laminate floor

Flooded basement in Guelph Ontario

Homeowners found their basement flooded after a significant rain fall. Due to the amount of rain water entering, their sump pump had failed. The result was over 1 foot of water throughout their basement.

SERVPRO of Guelph removed the water and mitigated all damages.

two feet of water in the basement and panel walls

Flood Damage

SERVPRO of Guelph Storm Teams assisting this homeowner after a large weather even occurred.

Multiple communities affected by a weather event that occurred.

This home had almost 2 feet of water throughout. SERVPRO of Guelph pumped water out and began mitigation services.

Basement tile floor, SERVPRO drying equipment and drywall removed at 2 feet

Completing the Mitigation

SERVPRO of Guelph Storm Teams assisting this homeowner after a large weather even occurred.

Homeowner was happy to have us arrive and mitigate the loss as thousands of homes were affected

Water on outside of home going into the door

Storm Water

SERVPRO of Guelph was contacted after a storm caused localized flooding. Due to an excessive amount of rain fall and melting the backyard flooded and water entered the basement through sliding patio doors.  

SERVPRO of Guelph responded immediately and we trenched the water away from their back yard and redirected the water away from the home. We installed pumps on the exterior preventing further damages to their basement. The pumps remained outside until the rain and melting stopped.

By assisting the homeowner with the exterior water we prevented any further damages.

Our Teams at SERVPRO of Guelph are "Ready for whatever happens"